Putting Digital to work.

Canus IT helps global enterprises build practical digital capabilities at the speed of business.

For organizations thinking top-down by crystallizing their digital strategies, those working bottom-up by enhancing technical capabilities and all those in between, we can help make digital the default way of doing business.

Making digital work end-to-end, throughout a business, takes both creativity and delivery, a partner with an entrepreneurial spirit and world-class resources and track record. canus IT can be that partner, gathering digital technologists, business strategists, data scientists, experience designers, architects, programmers and coders into a single, interdisciplinary team to develop and deliver rapidly.

How we Approach

Because every industry and every institution is unique, we bring together two essential groups—industry business, process and technology expert consultants from our 15 vertical practices, and the digital specialists to collaborate with clients throughout the lifecycle of any project:


Seeing and quantifying commercial opportunities
Analyzing data, developing insight into what customers really want

Industry Expertise

Understanding industry forces, reshaping business processes, sighting opportunities

Experience Design

Using business strategy and user insights to invent better experiences


Tracking digital technologies and data science and their latest applications.

How we work

Canus IT helps global enterprises build practical digital capabilities at the speed of business.

we bring together the people, technology and methods needed to manage digital innovation at scale. Our strategists, designers, data scientists and industry and technology experts collaborate with clients and partners to:

  • Build enterprise-level digital strategies.
  • Reimagine customer experiences.
  • Innovate products and services.


Disrupting with digital requires an ability to manage innovation—to allow for the amazing but unpredictable process of creativity and manage its output to deliver results reliably. Our Accelerator process is a three-step approach to generating ideas, perfecting the best of them and then rolling them out widely. It’s a proven path that benefits from the best of strategy-guided ideation and human-centric design thinking.